What's this all about then?

For over 35 years, Comic Relief has entertained and inspired wonderful people like you to give generously to support people living incredibly tough lives. We've laughed, we've cried, David Walliams swam the Thames, Cliff Richard and the Spice Girls released singles (separately!), and, together, we've helped over 105 million people. That's amazing, and thank you for any part you played in that. 

There's still more to do, and that's where a gift in your Will can make a huge difference. It doesn't need to cost you anything now, although we do recommend speaking to a trained solicitor, but in the future you can change lives. Even though you won't be here to see it. It's a kind of magic.

What can you give?


This is part, or all, of what’s left after debts, expenses and other gifts have been sorted. These are really flexible, as the shares remain proportional to each other, whatever the value of your estate.


This is a fixed sum. Many people like to pick a nice, round number, say £5,000. Bear in mind that due to inflation, the value of this gift will decrease over time (remember when a house cost £5,000?).


This is where you have a valuable item, such as a piece of art, specific shareholdings, or a property that you want to give to Comic Relief.

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Brilliant. We've written a guide you can download here, or if you would prefer to have one popped in the post to you, email legacies@comicrelief.com(opens in new window) or call 020 7820 2004 and your wish will be granted.