Welcome to your great big Nose adventure. Are you an explorer like Dash? A leader of the pack like Lucky? Or more of a colourful crafter like Cam? Enter our world of adventure and explore loads of fun things to do with your favourite Noses in and around your home this Red Nose Day.

The Red Nose Games

Adventure Cards


You better be ready for adventure if you want to keep up with Dot. This cool cat is quick but make sure you take your time with your masterpiece/painting/picture.


There is no end to how high Sky will soar. Being a curious character by nature, Sky has a head for heights. Can you help make some binoculars to help them see the rest of the pack?


Life is never short of fun when you’re trying to keep up with your bestie Dot, which sleepy Dash just loves to do. Can you help plot an adventure trail?


Can you match Chip’s jokes with your own? Today’s favourite: What do you call a hippo that doesn’t keep his bedroom tidy? A hippopotamess.


Colourful by nature and creative in spirit, can you design your own rainbow Cam?


Greedy Rocco loves a treat. Can you whip up their favourite Roc-Chip-Cookies at home?


With feathers this fabulous Flo almost doesn’t need lighting when taking to the stage. Can you help her finish her outfit ready for the party?


Ok, it’s time to put those brain cells to the test with wise and wonderful Lucky’s totally roarsome quiz.

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