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Your donations make a very real difference to people in the UK and around the world, whether you donate through Red Nose Day, Sport Relief or to Comic Relief at any other time of year. Here are some of the many stories that show how people are changing their lives with your support.

The People we Fund Cards

Project spotlight: Kennishead Larder

A vital lifeline for residents of this Glasgow suburb, Kennishead Larder provides much needed help with the cost of living crisis through an affordable shopping alternative.

Who you're helping: Meet Chantal

For many years, Chantal’s life was very difficult. Employed as a houseworker in Rwanda, Chantal was the sole earner in her family, whilst also being expected to cook, clean and look after three children. When Shooting Touch arrived in Chantal’s village it helped her change her situation.

Meet Miles

Miles, from York, is a former bank manager and father of two boys. Five years ago after struggling with his mental health and addiction, he found himself homeless – sofa surfing, living in hostels and sleeping on the streets.

Above and Beyond

This collection of stories shows how four Comic Relief-funded communities are responding to the cost of living crisis. You'll meet Everton, the cook who uses food to bring people together; Gail, who connects communities through dance or quiz nights; Angie, who provides resources and support to those who cannot make ends meet; and finally, Shireen, a single mum of two, who volunteers at her time at a local foodbank.

Each story reminds us how important it is to be connected with one another.

FS - Our Strategic Programmes

Our Strategic Programmes

During 2023, we are developing a new funding strategy and will be making new grants under this strategy soon with attention on the following key areas:

Alleviating poverty’s consequences and grip on people’s daily lives.

We fund programmes that help people and communities overcome the many challenges they face.

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Tackling the injustices that keep people in poverty.

We support organisations and movements that strive for fairness and equity.

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Standing with those in poverty who are most harmed by climate change.

We work in places and with people who are already vulnerable and now dealing with the effects of climate change.

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Comic Relief supports approaches to social change that offer something different, think outside the box or offer new thinking to achieve profound impact.


Pop Culture for Social Change

Significant changes are underway in the broadcast and creative industries in the UK and internationally, particularly in the wake of the global growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Comic Relief has unique potential to effect change through popular culture, narratives and storytelling, exploring the emerging ‘pop culture for social change’ ecosystem.

Sport for change

Sport for Change can achieve much more than just the physical benefits of participation in sporting activity. Sport brings people together across culture, language, gender and social class, making it a powerful alternative for engagement to clinical or traditional services.

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Your monthly donation can help people who are facing the toughest times of their lives, here in the UK and around the world. Please donate what you can, now.

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All year-round, the money donated to Comic Relief works hard to support some incredible projects making a change to people's lives across the UK and around the world. In fact, over the last few years, Comic Relief funding has helped to support 3 million people.

Read past years' stories to learn more about the people and projects we work with.

Stories Archive

Meet Pendo

She’s just joined a course near her home on the coast of Kenya – and it could change her family’s life.

Meet James

When the first Covid-19 lockdown hit in March 2020, James lost his job and his relationship broke down. The School of Hard Knocks helped James out of a very dark place, giving him the opportunity to learn, rebuild his confidence and land his dream job.

Meet Richie and Courtney

In Edinburgh, Richie and Courtney are helping people affected by homeless and addiction to get back on their feet.

Meet Ben

Ben started experiencing mental health issues in 2014. He sought help from the Nairobi-based Kamili Organisation, which offered support, counselling, and access to medication.

Meet Matilda

After her father died suddenly at home, Matilda, 13, turned to the Comic Relief-funded project Balloons in Devon to support her bereavement.

Meet Yvonne

Yvonne, 79, lives in Manchester and began visiting the African Caribbean Care Group after a life-changing injury.

Meet Donation & Lindo

When Lindo was 14 and homeless, outreach worker Donation helped him turn his life around through Nairobi-based I Care's education program.

Meet Kate

After battling breast cancer while caring for her mother, Kate rebuilt her confidence through a rugby club with the Comic Relief-funded organisation School of Hard Knocks.

Remembering Oliver

In October 2020, Oliver was just six weeks into his first term of A-levels when, without any warning, he unexpectedly took his own life.

Harbour Support Services

Harbour Support Services supports the mothers and children living in the refuges across Northeast England, and Comic Relief funds two early years practitioners who support women who are pregnant or with children under school age.