What Your Money Does

Comic Relief raises money to support people living incredibly tough lives. Through humour and stories of hope, we’ve shown that people can make a massive difference. We fund hundreds of amazing organisations who are working on the ground to support the most vulnerable people and communities in society. 

This includes vulnerable children and young people, people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty, women and families at risk of domestic abuse and those struggling with existing or new mental health problems

Our Aims

Improve Mental Health

Every year, 450 million people worldwide experience mental health problems. We're tackling mental health stigma - as well as making sure people get the support they need.

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Ensure people have a safe place to be

Having a safe place to call home is a fundamental right of every person on the planet.

But around the world, a shocking 1 in 5 people don't have the shelter they need. We're working to put that right.

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Help Children to Survive and Thrive

Every year millions of children still die before their 5th birthday, or grow up in poverty and neglect.

Great progress is being made - but it's not happening fast enough and with your help we're taking this on.

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No fear violence or discrimination

The idea that some of us are worth less because of our gender leads to real violence which costs lives.

We work with organisations right on the frontline to help people speak out and seek help so they can escape fear, violence and intimidation.

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