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Your donations make a very real difference to people in the UK and around the world, whether you donate through Red Nose Day, Sport Relief or to Comic Relief at any other time of year. Here are just some of the many ways your donations make a very real difference to the lives of people in the UK and around the world.

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Our impact stories

We know that when people come together, great things can happen. And we know that when times get tough, people get tougher.

People are kinder, more compassionate, more determined, more generous. You’ve proved this year after year. Your donations make a very real difference to people in the UK and around the world, but just don’t just take our word for it….

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"Things like a food bank, a bedding bank, a furniture bank, a baby bank, but it's all those things in one." Read how multibanks are working to reduce waste and provide families with the essentials they need - "Poverty’s not just about food, it’s about everything.”


Homelessness is a complicated issue affecting a wider range of people than you might imagine. We hear from a group of wonderful project workers out there finding people, extending a hand and supporting the hidden homeless to turn their lives around.

Kinship Carers

Davina helps shine a light on the incredible work of kinship carers, while sharing her own first-hand experience of growing up in kinship care, having been raised by her grandmother from the age of four.

Grace’s story

Grace is one of the youth trainers at Habitat for Humanity, a Comic Relief funded programme. Find our how she is helping communities improve their homes against floods.

Nyla’s story

In her first year of life, Nyla faced frequent hospitalisations, contributing to developmental delays. But, since attending Dingley's Promise, Nyla has received transformative support, resulting in remarkable progress in her development.

Circus Zambia

Mercy, a project worker and performer, and Precious, a young member of the Comic Relief funded project Circus Zambia, tell us why programmes like this are instrumental in giving young women the knowledge and power they need to succeed.


How we do it

We invest in organisations led by, and for communities and listen to people with the lived experience of the issues we are tackling.

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While we LOVE Red Nose Day, we’re looking for your love year-round to help change even more people’s lives. Whether you’re ready to commit to a new kind of beautiful, long-lasting relationship, or want to test the waters and see how things go, find out more and join today.