Since 1988, Red Nose Day has been the best one night stand ever: fun, comedy and goodness all wrapped into one.

But let's be honest, a world free from poverty and injustice takes a little more commitment than a quick rumble in the hay.

To really change the world, we’re asking for your love year-round. In return, we’re not quite saying that ours can be bought… but spare us £10 a month to have a longer-lasting impact, and we’re all yours.



Every relationship is a two way street. It takes work, commitment and a whole lot of magic. Here’s what we promise to bring to the party.


Looking for a partner to make you laugh? Well, look no further. It’s what we do best. Our famous friends will become your friends too. So get ready for us to put a smile on that face of yours – think jokes, exclusive content and special invites.


With you by our side, we can help make an incredible difference to the lives of people in the UK and around the world. Every. Single. Day. We promise to always put your generous donations to the very best use and keep you updated on the wonderful change you’re helping to make.


Oh... and we can’t forget to tell you that you pull the strings in this relationship. We understand that throughout the year, things can change. So, you have full control. You can increase or decrease your gift at any point, and can even pause your donations if you need to (don’t worry, we won’t be offended).

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The Fling

£5 a month

Hop in and we’ll show you a hilariously good time. Let’s see where this thing takes us.

And how could your support help? Your £5 a month could help pay for a vulnerable young person in the UK to go to an after-school club throughout the month, allowing them to socialise, build friendships, and improve mental wellbeing.

Going Steady

£10 a month

We’re not saying our love can be bought... but spare us £10 a month and we’re all yours.

We all know the importance of staying connected with family and friends. Your £10 a month could buy phone credit for a refugee in the UK to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Love is in the air

£25 a month

Are you… proposing?! This is beyond exciting, and we’re entering top-tier power couple territory here.

The difference you could help make? A parent’s love knows no bounds, but financial hardship can make things even tougher. Your £25 a month could help run parent support groups in Kenya that tackle stigma, ensuring children with a disability aren't excluded from school.

The ball’s in your court... You choose!



Seeing the nation come together for Red Nose Day is incredible. But there’s a lot more to us than an annual big night of TV. That’s why Lenny’s here to share the untold story of the origins of Comic Relief:

Poverty continues to exist every day of the year, and the challenges it brings are ever-changing. We are constantly reminded in the news of its devastating impact. Stories of people struggling to survive. Stories of deep injustice. Stories of people who desperately need support. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, or left wondering what you can do to help.

But you can help. If you can show your love with a monthly donation, all through the year, you’ll be helping to have an even bigger impact on people’s lives. With Not Just a One Night Stand, your kind donations could help fund incredible projects, both here in the UK and across the world that are literally changing people’s lives. In some cases, even saving lives.

We’ve seen over the last 39 years that love and laughter really can help change the world. Because since then, support from people like you has enabled us to help over 100 million people’s lives, in loads of different ways. From providing food, water, shelter, mental health support, and so much more.

But we won’t stop there, because we know things are still so tough for so many people. While we know it’s okay to cry, we reckon it’s much better to laugh, and even better to give. Despite the ever-changing challenges poverty brings, your donations could be a persistent and beautiful act of kindness that continues to help people throughout the year.

So, can you show your love year-round, with a monthly donation today?

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