This is a national emergency

The rising costs of living are forcing millions of people across the country to make impossible decisions. Nobody should have to choose between heating the home, or feeding their kids. Please give now to support people across the country.

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Most of us are just about scraping by, cancelling subscriptions; buying cheaper brands; putting on an extra jumper. But for millions who were already living in poverty, it’s a disaster. They are completely trapped.

Life was tough enough already. Now, it’s impossible. Families are being crushed under a tsunami of rising costs.

They need our help now, more than ever.

We simply cannot let this happen. We need to come together and help our neighbours.

We need to act now.


We know poverty isn’t simple, and it’s not always easy to see. It’s behind so many of the issues that we work to tackle and we’ll continue to fight it as long as it exists.

We are working with organisations all over the country who are working to ease the pressure and help people through the toughest times of their lives.

Organisations we are seeking to fund include the Bridge Community Project, who are providing blankets to people; like Plant Dewi, who are giving young parents baby bundles so they can keep their newborns safe; like Humanity Concern, who are providing warm spaces and emergency food.

"Families were choosing between heating and eating. Now they can't afford either." Andrew from Feeding Britain

We know times are tough. But if you can give just a little bit, it will go to people in the UK who need it to get through this crisis. Because that’s what makes us different. We work with community organisations who know who needs it the most.

Please give now

Your donation has never been more important. And it can change lives this winter, and into the new year.

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Meet Kemi from Brixton People's Kitchen

Before running Brixton People’s Kitchen (and its sister charity Be Enriched), Kemi had needed Brixton People’s Kitchen for access to healthy meals and support. After an accident left her unable to work, she struggled to pay bills, pay for food, and keep a roof over her head.


“I know what the people who use our service are going through, lots of people are really struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families, we provide a vital service for them and a safe, warm place to come and eat. If it wasn't for this project, I would have gone hungry many times...” Kemi, Brixton People's Kitchen

Brixton People’s Kitchen, and so many other organisations like it offer people a lifeline in times of struggle. For the millions in the UK who were already living close to poverty before the cost of living started to rise, the time of struggle is now.

We are seeking to fund organisations all over the country who are working to ease the pressure and help people through the toughest times of their lives.

This is just one way your donations are already changing lives this winter.

Comic Relief


If you or someone you know is in need of help or support then do talk to someone. We have put together some suggested services and organisations which may be able to offer help or advice.

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