Issue focus - Forced Migration

Re-rooted quick facts & eligibility cards


12 noon on Tuesday, 26th March 2024


United Kingdom

Length of funding

Funding is available for 3 to 5 years

Funding Available

Up to £200,000


Organisations that specialise in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Further criteria are explained in the online eligibility questionnaire(opens in new window).

Application Process

Organisations should start with the online eligibility questionnaire to see if they are eligible to apply. If your organisation is eligible, you should read the guidance before completing the application form. Links are available at the end of this page.

Submitted applications will be shortlisted based on the details below. If your proposal is shortlisted, we will be in touch to invite you to a proposal assessment.

Funding Opportunity ReRooted (4x3)

The Details


We recognise that the migration sector is dealing with significant and fast-paced changes with limited resource.

The aim of the Re-Rooted funding call is to help organisations address these challenges, and support refugees and asylum seekers to safely and securely rebuild their lives in the UK.

Research has highlighted the strengths in the UK refugee and migrant sector, which include quality frontline services, delivered by a committed and skilled workforce.  It also includes key influencing work that has significantly shaped policy and practice. Through this funding, we want to help organisations build on these strengths.

Funding priorities

This funding is for organisations that specialise in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.  Successful applicants to the Re-Rooted funding call will be offered flexible, core funding to continue and reinforce the good work of their organisation.

Proposals should focus on the following:

  • Services and support for refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Influencing and advocacy focusing on safer routes and improved outcomes for refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Or a combination of both.

We also welcome proposals that are tailored to the needs of refugees or asylum seekers, or both. 

This funding call will prioritise organisations that involve people with lived experience of forced migration to the UK. This should include current practice in involving lived experience in developing the organisation’s work and priority areas, and/or in the running of the organisation. It could also include plans for reinforcing existing good practice for involving people with lived experience. 

Proposals for service delivery should be holistic, to better meet multiple needs of refugees and/or asylum seekers. This can be delivered by the applicant organisation alone, or in partnership with others. 

Influencing work could take place at the local or national level, either by the applicant or by working with others to effect change. Influencing work should be based on evidence of real need among refugees and asylum seekers. For example, this could include evidence from service delivery carried out by your organisation or other organisations, or existing or new research. In any case, influencing funded by Re-Rooted must follow government guidance on charity campaigning – see FAQs for more information.

For proposals to use a combination approach, we recognise that some organisations have successfully integrated service delivery and influencing, while others may wish to build on existing strengths to further integrate these two areas of work.

Note about legal systems access and support

Comic Relief recognises the strong need to improve the provision of specialist immigration and asylum legal advice.

Re-Rooted will consider funding applications that include legal advice and support but not as the sole focus. This could be an example of a combination services approach that addresses multiple needs of refugees and asylum seekers, or an influencing approach that includes legal issues along with other key issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers.

Organisations whose work is focused solely on legal system access and improvement are not eligible to apply as a single organisation, but could be eligible in a partnership of two or three organisations.

We are already investing significant funds in this area as part of a 10-year initiative that increases access to justice and legal aid for people in the UK’s immigrant and asylum system. Re-Rooted is designed as a complementary approach.

Who can apply?

  • UK based organisations that currently specialise in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, and meet Comic Relief’s general eligibility criteria.

  • Comic Relief predominantly funds charities. (Specific information is included in the eligibility questionnaire(opens in new window).)

  • Proposals can be made by single applicants, or by partnerships of two or three organisations that will receive funding (but only one organisation can act as grant holder).

  • You are welcome to include collaboration with government organisations, but Comic Relief will not fund government organisations.

  • To give as many organisations as fair a chance as possible, organisations can only submit one proposal (though they can be named as partners on any number of applications). Please be aware we will never read more than one proposal per organisation.

Next steps

We know that demand is high and resources are scarce, and we expect to receive a high number of applications for this fund.

We welcome your application if the funding call’s criteria and priorities are well suited to the work of your organisation.

The application deadline is 12 noon on Tuesday 26th March 2024.

If your application is shortlisted, your organisation will be invited to a proposal assessment, and you will be asked to submit additional information and supporting documentation including:

  • Memorandum and articles of association

  • Audited or independently verified accounts

  • Management accounts

  • Safeguarding policy

  • Equality and diversity policy

Assessments will be arranged in advance with your organisation and will cover your proposal and your organisation’s governance, financial health, management, and safeguarding.

Key reading

Key reading

If you proceed with an application, please read the application guidance and frequently asked questions.

Application guidance

Please read this carefully before completing an application form.

Read the guidance(opens in new window)

Frequently asked questions

FAQ's about the funding opportunity.

Read the FAQs(opens in new window)

Starting a proposal

Take our eligibility questionnaire to check if you're eligible for this funding call. If eligible, you'll be directed to the application form.

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