Pop Culture for Social Change is well established in the U.S. where significant investment bolsters innovation and impact. In the UK, funders are beginning to recognize the immense power of this emergent field to both make cultural content and influence which content gets exposure, so defining whose voices are listened to, whose lives matter and what is seen as possible for our futures. Touching hearts and minds, Pop Culture can shift public opinion and drive public pressure towards policy change.

Our Role

Comic Relief has a unique role to play in building narrative power in the Pop Culture for Social Change space. Our founding purpose, strength of connections and renewed approach to ethical storytelling position us as an influential player, effecting change by investing in a diversity of creatives, activists, researchers, strategists and industry professionals who use popular culture as a means to promote authentic and humane narratives around communities who have historically been excluded from opportunities to create and broadcast popular content.

Individual Funding Programmes

Here are some of the highlights of our work, and that of our incredible funded partners, within this programme:

Funding Programme

The Power of PoP (PoP) Fund

The Power of Pop (PoP) Fund is a pooled fund supporting the work of organisations working at the intersection of popular culture and social change in the UK, with a particular focus on migration and racial justice.