The funding community is beginning to recognise the power of narratives and culture to effect longer lasting social change. In the US, the Pop Culture for Social Change infrastructure is more established and has had greater investment to bolster the work and allow for innovation and expansive impact and evaluation measures. In the UK, this field is emerging, but is gradually beginning to generate interest from funders.

At a glance

Comic Relief is funding a diverse group of creatives, activists, researchers, strategists and industry professionals who use popular culture as a means to promote fair and humane narratives around groups of people that have historically been excluded from society. In addition, these organisations support marginalised creatives working in the media and entertainment industries.

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Our Role

Comic Relief has a unique role to play in building narrative power and leading in the Pop Culture for Social Change space. Its founding purpose, credibility, history, strength of connections and renewed approach to storytelling in recent years provide a solid grounding to position Comic Relief as an influential player to effect change through popular culture, narratives and storytelling, exploring the emerging Pop Culture for Social Change ecosystem.

Funding Programme

The Power of PoP (PoP) Fund

The Power of Pop (PoP) Fund is a pooled fund supporting the work of organisations working at the intersection of popular culture and social change in the UK, with a particular focus on migration and racial justice.