The causes and experiences of people living with poverty vary significantly, with marginalised groups disproportionately affected. Globally, the poorest 50% of the population share just 8% of total income, and personal characteristics intersect with this inequality such that particular marginalised groups are worse affected (source: Dev Initiatives(opens in new window)). For example, in the UK in 2021/22, poverty rates were significantly lower in households headed by people from white ethnic groups (source: DWP(opens in new window)). This programme seeks to address these injustices by working with the most marginalised communities to reduce both the structural barriers that hold people in poverty, and the stigma too often associated with it.

Our Role

We believe that a just world free from poverty is possible. We also believe that to achieve this, we must address the structures and systems, unequal distribution of resources and opportunities in society, which inevitably leads to social injustice. Comic Relief is uniquely positioned to effectively mobilise and amplify the voice of activists and campaigners, as well as to support decision-makers and the public to respond to injustice, through our funding, public engagement and convening work. We focus on communities most impacted by racial and other systemic injustices, providing flexible and long-term funding so that our funded partners can define and respond to the emerging needs of their constituent communities. 

We're working with some amazing funded partners within this programme and are getting more information ready to share about their incredible work. Please check back soon.