Blog: What is Gender Justice November all about?

Gender Justice November is all about giving women and girls the tools to having equal power and agency in decision-making at all levels. Here at Comic Relief, we believe that women’s rights organisations bring fantastic long-term change to women’s lives, and within their families and communities around them. Whether they’re in London or South Africa, women’s rights organisations are essential. 

But shockingly, the World Bank estimates that funding to these organisations has fallen by more than 50% in the last five years. In the era of #MeToo and a frightening global outlook for women’s rights, Gender Justice is more important than ever. 

For November, we will be giving over all of our social media channels here at Comic Relief to highlighting all of the fantastic Gender Justice charitable causes we fund across the UK and beyond with our Power Up fund. Throughout the month and until the 7th December, if you’re an advocacy or campaigning organisation, a female-led think tank, a research body or community organisation, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for our grants - up to £300K for single applicants, or up to £500K for partnerships. To find out if you might be eligible, visit our funding page

Joining us at Comic Relief HQ this month is an exciting lineup of our favourite community influencers and spokespeople. Driving forces in the community, we’ll be chatting all things female and empowering women, as well as taking the opportunity to educate you and shed some light on the current issues that women face in this modern world.