Comic Relief launches new ‘Tech vs Abuse’ initiative

11th May 2017

Millions of women and girls in the UK are subject to violent and controlling behaviour, most often at the hands of someone they know well. There are organisations throughout the country working to support women and girls, to raise awareness of the issues, advocate for change and equality, and tackle harmful behaviour. We are committed to supporting women and girls to take the lead in creating change that will enable everyone to live safe and fulfilling lives.

Comic Relief has been committed to supporting work in this area for over 20 years. While frontline services and strategic advocacy work remain the necessary backbone of support for survivors of abuse, we also recognise that we live in a changing world which is leaving us increasingly dependent on technology for all aspects of our daily lives and interactions.

That’s why we are launching a new ‘Tech vs Abuse’ funding initiative, a small targeted fund for technological innovation and creative digital solutions, to improve the safety of women and girls affected by domestic abuse.

We are inviting applications to create, adapt, scale up or roll out digital solutions which respond to one of five design challenges:

Fifteen minute window

Provide or curate key information online for women experiencing domestic abuse in a way which is easy to find, simple to navigate and quick to interact with.

Effective real-time support services

Enable women to find and access services for support (including referrals) when required, day or night, seamlessly and with minimal logistical and emotional burden.

Safer digital-footprint

Provide people affected by domestic abuse and frontline professionals the confidence and knowledge they need to use technology and stay online safely, with full control over their online data, privacy settings and social media accounts.

Accessible legal and financial information

Create engaging, accessible and digestible information on the legal process or the financial situation women find themselves in, connecting to support and advice where relevant.

Realising it’s abuse

Use the creative opportunities of the web to raise awareness of what an abusive relationship looks like, provoking women and girls experiencing abuse to recognise this and get support.

We have developed these through research with over 200 survivors of domestic abuse and 350 sector practitioners. Further details can be found at in new window).

The application process for ‘Tech vs Abuse’ opens today, 12th January 2017 and will close at midday on 13th March. For more details and to apply for funding visit our grants page.