Comic Relief responds to ransomware attack

17th May 2017

Comic Relief is investigating a criminal ransomware attack on a discrete part of our IT network. We have been working with a specialist cyber security company to assess the situation in detail and are taking proactive steps to augment our security. The attack appears to have been isolated and at present we have found no evidence that any information or data has been stolen. However, we are continuing to carry out a thorough forensic investigation of all our IT systems to assess the full extent of the situation and are taking additional precautions to protect the security of all the information that we hold.

When we have more details about this matter we will share them with the relevant authorities.

14th October 2016 - Comic Relief has the following update regarding this matter.

“After we became aware of a criminal ransomware attack on a discrete part of our IT network, Comic Relief worked with external cyber security specialists to investigate the incident thoroughly, and to carry a wider review of the security of all our systems to assess whether any information we hold had been stolen. We have now completed our investigations and have found no evidence that any data or information that we hold has been taken or copied illegally. As part of this review we have added additional layers of protection to further improve our network security and prevent similar attacks in the future.”