20th September 2019

Girl on a swing

This Global Goal sets out to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. 

For many years South Africa has struggled with a legacy of inadequate housing for most of its population.  Many residents of Cape Town live in informal settlements which offer inadequate facilities and opportunities. 

Over the last six years, one urban planning project, jointly-funded by Comic Relief and UK aid, has placed people at the heart of upgrading their own communities and reducing crime.  People are now able to make decisions on how community space is used and what services are needed, while improved education, employment and sport opportunities are being provided.  The approach has been highly effective and is now likely to be replicated in other communities in the Western Cape. 

See what Sir Lenny Henry learned from visiting our partners in Cape Town earlier this year:

With your help, Comic Relief and UK aid jointly-funded projects have contributed to improving the rights and living conditions of 352,620 people in informal settlements since 2009.