Kimberly Wyatt sees how Comic Relief cash is changing lives in Ghana

15th May 2017

Singer, dancer and TV personality Kimberly Wyatt had a “life-changing experience” on a trip to Ghana. Following her recent Celebrity Masterchef win, Kimberly visited the country to see how some of the money raised by schools and the public from this year’s Red Nose Day - £10million of which was match funded by the UK Government - is building brighter futures for children across Africa.

During her time in Ghana Kimberly visited schools and families that are benefiting from the work of the Sabre Trust, a project that is training kindergarten teachers to use interactive activities in class, transforming the way children are taught. In Ghana, almost half of all kindergarten teachers have no formal training and more than 355,000 four and five year olds are not in school.

Kimberly, who has a 10-month-old daughter Willow, said: “This was truly a life-changing experience. Seeing the excitement and joy on the children’s faces as they answered questions was so inspiring and made me think about my own baby girl’s learning and development.

“Meeting the children’s parents and hearing about the difference teaching has made in their home lives also shows how it doesn't just enable these kids to read and write, but helps give them the best possible start in life so they can make a positive difference in their communities for years to come.”

Red Nose Day 2015 raised more than £95 million, which will be spent helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people in some of the poorest communities around the world. £10 million of the total was provided by the UK Government, which included doubling all of the money raised by schools across the UK, so that twice as many children could gain access to essential learning.

The Sabre Trust project is one of many putting that cash to work, improving the quality of education across Africa and building brighter futures for thousands of children.

Watch(opens in new window) as Kimberly meets some of the children who are being helped by money raised through Comic Relief.