Mollie King faces toughest day yet as she enters day three of her exhausting Red Nose Day Challenge

13th March 2024

  • Day three of Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day has seen the radio DJ face her toughest day yet, climbing steep inclines for most of the day amid ever changing weather conditions, aching muscles and fatigue

  • Mollie set off from Burton-upon-Trent this morning, travelling her longest distance of 110km to Salford where she will end this leg of her challenge

  • The nation and Radio 1 listeners are powering Mollie through, with the challenge raising over an incredible £181k since beginning on Monday

  • Throughout this week she is pedal powering her way across England, making her way from London to Hull, the hometown of her late father

  • Despite having never cycled on roads before, Mollie King is taking on the mammoth journey to raise life changing money for Red Nose Day

  • The money raised could help break the cycle of poverty for people in UK and around the world

  • Red Nose Day returns on Friday 15 March

  • For more information and to support Mollie, visit:

Wednesday 13 March: BBC Radio 1’s Mollie King set off on the third day of the biggest endurance challenge of her life this morning. The toughest day of her challenge so far has seen the radio DJ climbing her way up steep inclines for the majority of the day whilst also battling ever changing weather conditions, aching muscles and fatigue.

The star is now over 200km into her 500km journey from London to Hull, with Mollie hoping to raise as much money as possible for Red Nose Day.

Since setting off on Monday, Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1, has already raised over £181k so far, with the nation and Radio 1 listeners providing much needed support and encouragement to Mollie along her journey.

Today, Mollie departed Towcester at 7am, working her way towards Salford where she will rest and recover ahead of another tiring day back on the saddle tomorrow.

Mollie said: “We’re on our way to Salford today. It feels such a long way away - this is the longest ride of the week. I’m doing 110km, which is 10k more than I have ever cycled. It’s the hilliest day of the week so far and I'm tired, my body is really aching now, my legs have gone - I can’t feel them. It’s getting really tough.

“Throughout the day, I have been tuning into my dad’s voice in my head. I know he would be saying Go on Mol, you can do this and that’s really helping me push forwards. I’ve been checking in with Stuart every day and his support is helping to spur me on and take on the next day of the challenge. The crowds along the way have been phenomenal. The cheering, beeping and waving is giving me such an energy boost – thank you to everyone who is donating and supporting me along the way.”

Commenting on her heroic efforts Greg James said: “We know Mollie has had a tough day today, the listeners are all behind her and we know that she can do this challenge. Each push of the pedal is taking longer, and it’s getting harder. There are horrible lows in these challenges, but there are also amazing highs – when she reaches Salford tonight, she will feel amazing. The money that has been raised so far is nothing short of extraordinary and Mollie should be so proud of herself”.

Today, Mollie will pass through: Burton-upon-Trent, Birchcross, Utooxeter, Alton, Farley Village, Bottom House, Bradnock, Leek, Rushton, Gawsworth, Nether Alderley, Wilmslow, Old Trafford and end in Media City.

On her journey, Mollie will pass through villages, towns and cities where Comic Relief funded projects are providing essential support to people who need it most. Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1 will be broadcast live on Radio 1, BBC Morning Live and BBC Sounds across the week, with video highlights on Radio 1’s social channels.

The money raised for Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1 could help break the cycle of poverty for people in UK and around the world. This includes support for children and young people who are experiencing neglect, abuse, stigma and physical and mental trauma.

To support Mollie and help keep her wheels turning, go to