Mollie King to climb a total of 4,000ft as she pedal powers across The Pennines in penultimate day of her Red Nose Day challenge

14th March 2024

  • Day four of Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day will see the DJ navigate The Pennines as she climbs a total of 4,000ft during her penultimate day

  • Mollie is battling through exhaustion, aching muscles, changing terrains, numerous inclines and pouring rain

  • Mollie was joined by Olympic cyclists Josie Knight and Neah Evans on the BBC R1

  • Breakfast Show with Greg James. The duo offered her advice ahead of her setting off

  • The nation and Radio 1 listeners are powering Mollie through, with the challenge hitting a fundraising milestone of £430,857k as of 10:30am this morning

  • Mollie set off from Media City, Salford this morning, with a stop over at Morning Live in Manchester, and will cycle 90km to Leeds where she will disembark ahead of the final stretch tomorrow morning

  • Throughout this week, she is pedal powering her way across England, making her way from London to Hull, the hometown of her late father

  • Despite having never cycled on roads before, Mollie King is taking on the mammoth journey to raise life changing money for Red Nose Day

  • The money raised could help break the cycle of poverty for people in UK and around the world

  • Red Nose Day returns tomorrow (Friday 15 March)

  • For more information and to support Mollie, visit:

Thursday 14 March: The penultimate day of Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1 has arrived! Today, Mollie King is climbing 4,000ft across The Pennines as she makes her way from Media City, Salford to Leeds, with a stop over at Morning Live in Manchester, ahead of completing the final leg of her challenge tomorrow, Red Nose Day.

Mollie is already battling through exhaustion and aching muscles, with today set to be the toughest yet due to the number of steep inclines, varying road surfaces and weather conditions.

On the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning, Greg James gave listeners another reason to donate to Mollie's extraordinary efforts.

Greg pledged that if listeners managed to boost the total to £400,00 that he would accompany Mollie for a short leg of her journey today on a scooter, which he famously despises. Generous Radio 1 listeners answered the call for support meaning the total, as of 10:30am, standing at £430,857k so far – Greg joined Mollie on a scooter to Morning Live in Manchester this morning.

Olympic cyclists Josie Knight and Neah Evans joined Mollie in Media City, Salford, this morning, offering their advice ahead of her penultimate day. Josie Knight said: “When you’re deep into a challenge like Mollie is, it’s easy to forget to eat, forget to drink because you are so tired. Even taking your hand off the bar to reach for a water bottle can take effort. So, keep eating, drinking, keep chatting, keep people around you."

Mollie King said: “I’ve been so worried about climbing The Pennines today, my body is aching, and my legs have gone. I have a love hate relationship with this bike! Yesterday was tough and I know today is going to be even harder, but seeing the amount that we have raised and knowing that it will really help people is keeping me going."

Greg James said: “Today is going to be tough for Mollie. I think she’s found it a lot more challenging than she thought she would, and she knew it would be difficult. She’s only really ridden on a static bike before which is very different to riding on a road. The weather has been awful, there’s been lots of rain, it’s been incredibly difficult. She made it to Salford last night and her fundraising total is an amazing achievement."

The star departed Media City, Salford via the Morning Live Studios in Manchester this morning, working her way towards Leeds where she will recuperate ahead of her final day on the saddle tomorrow.

Today, Mollie will pass through: Manchester, Rochdale, Walsden, Hebden Bridge, Pecket Well, Oxenhope, Haworth, Lees with Crossroads, Rycroft, Bingley, Saltire and finish in Leeds.

On her journey, Mollie will pass through villages, towns and cities where Comic Relief funded projects are providing essential support to people who need it most. Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1 will be broadcast live on Radio 1, BBC Morning Live and BBC Sounds across the week, with video highlights on Radio 1’s social channels.

The money raised for Mollie King’s Pedal Power for Red Nose Day on Radio 1 could help break the cycle of poverty for people in UK and around the world. This includes support for children and young people who are experiencing neglect, abuse, stigma and physical and mental trauma.

To support Mollie and help keep her wheels turning, go to