Next steps for Rise and Shine applicants

18th February 2019

A woman smiling at her child

A big thank you to all the organisations in Kenya, Malawi and the UK that have sent us proposals for the Rise and Shine funding programme, to improve young children’s chances to survive, thrive and have a better start in life.

We are adjusting the timeframe for the next steps, so if you’ve sent us your application please read the following.

We will need a bit longer than we had predicted in order to review all the proposals we’ve received.

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a Stage 2 proposal, and will still be given six weeks notice to complete it.  However, this will be a few weeks later than we previously said.

The period will now be as follows:

Monday 13 May – Applicants that were successful at Stage 1 will be informed that they can submit a Stage 2 proposal

12 noon UK time on Monday 24 June – Deadline for Stage 2 proposals

Stage 2 proposals will then be shortlisted for a full assessment

The final funding decisions will still be made by the Comic Relief Trustees by the end of September 2019, as we had previously said

Complete guidance for the full proposal will be made available to successful applicants at stage 2.  If your proposal is approved for stage 2, some of the things you will need to explain are the following:

A detailed budget for each year of funding requested, including cost breakdowns and budget lines to be managed by each partner

How you involved the target groups in developing the initiative, and how you will listen and respond to them during its delivery

Monitoring, evaluation and learning, including what you will track to show change is happening, what you want to learn, and how you will use the learning

More information about each partner organisation and their annual finances, key organisational policies, and constitutional documents

How your organisation has managed safeguarding concerns

Again, thank you for all your applications!

The Comic Relief Team