Upcoming funding initiatives

20th July 2017

Older people

In the next month we will be launching two initiatives in the UK with a focus on older people. The next phase of funding for our Care Home Challenge is now open for applications, offering small grants for engaging activities in care homes which enhance residents’ wellbeing, and involve both staff and residents.

Our other initiative will be inviting proposals which enable older people to design, deliver and take part in opportunities to contribute their skills, knowledge and experience to their communities.

Sport for Change

Comic Relief and England Rugby’s Try for Change Large Grants Fund will be opening in September for organisations in England who use rugby union as a tool for social change. Also, we will be launching Phase 2 of our Levelling the Field initiative, for international organisations using the power of sport to enable and inspire women and girls to reach their full potential (please note proposals for this will be by invitation only).

Once open for applications, they will appear on our open initiatives page.