As well as fundraising, we also help to raise awareness around some important issues where we work with others to have the biggest impact in creating lasting change.

We do this in a number of ways. It could be by shining a light on overlooked issues, working to change legislation, collaborating with other organisations or funding new, innovative approaches to old problems. Sometimes, it’s something entirely different. The results can be incredible.

Global initiatives

Nelson Mandela speaking for Make Poverty History


The Make Poverty History campaign coincided with the UK chairing the G8 summit, in 2005. Much was achieved, including the promise from the G8 leaders to dedicate an extra $48 billion per year, by 2010, to fight issues such as Malaria and HIV. There were new commitments to Fairtrade, and $1 billion of debt per year was dropped for poor countries. Also, all UK political parties committed to the target of spending 0.7% of national income on aid; a promise still honoured today.

Campaigner dressed as Robin Hood


Like most brilliant ideas, the Robin Hood Tax is incredibly simple. By introducing a tiny tax on the financial transactions carried out by banking institutions, a phenomenal amount of money would be raised to tackle poverty and climate change.

We're one of hundreds of organisations supporting the Robin Hood Tax campaign, who are calling for the world’s governments to implement it.

Giant Enough Food for Everyone IF logo


Comic Relief was the creative force behind the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. The campaign was launched in January 2013 to tackle the causes of hunger, and focussed on the June G8 summit in Ireland. It helped to re-secure the commitment agreed in 2005, of spending 0.7% of national income on aid. In addition, ahead of the G8, governments and other donors pledged a further $4.1 billion to tackle malnutrition, which could save the lives of almost two million children by 2020.

African woman


The UK is home to thousands of people of African descent who retain emotional, financial and cultural links with their country and with the African continent.

Africa UK aims to mobilise this force by giving the African diaspora a voice in the wider development debate, using their unique skills and local knowledge to bring about lasting change in Africa. Africa UK is part of the Common Ground Initiative, a diaspora-focused, grant-making, influencing and learning programme that's delivered with additional funding from the Department for International Development and the Baring Foundation.

Giant Enough Food for Everyone IF logo


After the world's leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and halt climate change, we've all got a job to do - tell everyone about them! The Goals represent a unique chance to get these things done for all people, everywhere. But for that to happen they need to be made famous... which is where you come in.

For everything you'll ever need to tell the world about the Global Goals and what they mean, visit www.globalgoals.org(opens in new window)

Specific issues

Rights for disable people

We were the first major grant-maker to focus on supporting disabled people to speak for themselves. Our work to address this contributed to a huge change in government policy (1995 Disability Discrimination Act) and a new set of long-overdue rights for disabled people in the UK.

Land rights

In 1996, a landmark legal case ruled that land, seized under apartheid in South Africa, be returned to the people of Elandskloof. We’re proud to have played a part in that momentous case by helping to fund the Legal Resources Centre in South Africa which, along with the Surplus People project, represented the community.

Elder abuse

Together with the Department of Health, we funded the first ever elder abuse prevalence study, contributing to the government implementing new procedures to protect older people. We also worked with the BBC to make a drama called ‘Dad’, highlighting the issue.

Specific issues

Woman using her phone

National Domestic Violence Helpline

There used to be no 24/7, year-round helpline, dedicated to domestic violence, so we got together with other charities to make sure there was.

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Everyone’s business

In 2013 we funded an awareness-raising campaign around maternal mental health. It led to a government pledge that’s improved countless lives in the UK.

Malaria Consortium

Our work with the Malaria Consortium is a great example of how collaborating with others, to pool resources and knowledge, can have truly massive impact.

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Time to Change

For years now, we’ve been working with Mind and Rethink Mental Illness to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health issues. It’s had a massive effect