Let's Lighten The Load For Working Mums And Help Women Thrive

Maltesers, in partnership with Comic Relief, is working towards a future where women no longer face injustice. Together, we’re working to lighten the load for working mums and help women thrive.

Sometimes being a mum can be a challenge –and for working mums, balancing the needs of family, doing a great job at work and getting round to everything that needs doing at home, can feel like an impossible task.

From sleepless nights to remembering everything you need before leaving the house, to running to get to pick up on time… and always feeling the pressure to seem perfect while juggling it all. It doesn’t –and it shouldn’t – have to be this way.

To better understand the challenges that working mums face, Maltesers have worked with specialist research group, The Outsiders, to speak to mums, partners, as well as parenting and workplace experts. The ultimate goal? To start meaningful conversations and find steps, both big and small, that we can all take to make a difference for the working mums in our lives.

With a little help from the village of partners, friends and family, colleagues, and workplace decision makers or managers at work, we can all lighten the load for working mums by becoming total Motherlovers.

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Maternal Mental Health

With the right support, you can get better.

If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, or want guidance on how to spot signs in yourself or others, visit the Maternal Mental Health Alliance website. 

Comic Relief has supported work in this area since 2010 by funding organisations across the UK that aim to reduce social isolation and help women and families across the UK to access specialist support.  

Women Lives Leeds

As a funder, we partner with organisations that have national and local expertise, trusted relationships, and existing networks dedicated to supporting women thrive.

Organisations like Women’s Budget Group, who we fund under our Change Makers Programme have received a mixture of project and core funding. This organisation exists to importantly work towards promoting a gender equal economy and future through research, campaigning, advocacy and capacity building.

For more information visit the Women’s Budget Group website Womens Budget Group(opens in new window).

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