Sainsbury's and Comic Relief

We’ve been partners with Sainsbury's since 1999, so our friendship is very real. They’ve raised an enormous £171 million to support people in the UK and around the world – and they’re not stopping there.

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We’ve embarked on a new adventure together to help tackle food poverty in the UK and in select communities across the world, helping people access the balanced and nutritious food they need, right now and in the future. These projects provide communities with immediate relief but also help to address some of the root causes of food poverty, creating safe community spaces to learn how to cook as well as providing the financial, employment and mental health advice to those who need it most. Through our partnership, we’re supporting incredible projects and initiatives that are changing people’s lives, everyday.

The Bread and butter thing

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Rachel, Project Leader, The Bread and Butter Thing

Rachel spends her days ‘on the front line’, loading food onto vans, driving them to community hubs, and distributing the food to people (mainly families) who need it most right now.

“So many people are starting to have to choose between buying food and heating their homes… To have new funding from Sainsbury’s and Comic Relief is absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe what it will do. It will help us, help other people. And that is what it’s all about… pulling together and making sure people around us aren’t struggling.”

Feeding Britain

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Pauline, Good Food Scotland, part of The Feeding Britain Network

Pauline runs Feeding Britain’s affordable food hubs in Scotland. She's determined to make a difference to people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and says that for families shopping at the Kennishead Larder near Glasgow; "It used to just be food – now it’s food and fuel... Some people see it as a luxury now to keep warm, which just absolutely blows my mind, it’s unbelievable… some people are eating one meal a day."


It doesn’t have the cost the earth to help change lives. Your donation can help people who are facing the toughest times of their lives, here in the UK and around the world. Please donate what you can, now.

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