He’s done it! Billy Monger completes Billy’s Big Red Nose Day Challenge at Brands Hatch race circuit

26th February 2021

Billy Monger, completes his Red Nose Day 2021 Challenge. Cycling and walking 41 miles around the Indy Circuit at Brands Hatch, on the 26th February 2021 in Kent, England.
  • Heroic Billy Monger has successfully completed Billy’s Big Red Nose Day Challenge today

  • Billy has walked, cycled and kayaked 140-miles across England

  • Billy’s epic journey came to a triumphant end after 50.5 miles of Brands Hatch race circuit, Kent

  • BBC Radio 2 presenter Zoe Ball and comedian Joel Dommett joined Billy to help spur him on for his final day

  • Stars including Anthony Joshua, Chris Ramsey, Dan Walker, Cheryl, Vick Hope, have also shown their love and support over past five days

  • Money raised by Red Nose Day this year will help tackle issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse and mental health problems, all of which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the UK and around the world

  • For more info visit comicrelief.com/billy-monger

Friday 26th February: An elated but exhausted Billy Monger has completed his gruelling140-mile triathlon inspired Red Nose Day challenge that has seen him walk, cycle and kayak across England, as he crossed the finish line this evening at his home race circuit, Brands Hatch, in Kent.

The final stretch of Billy’s journey has seen him walk and cycle just over 50 miles – the equivalent of 21 laps - around the world-famous Brands Hatch circuit today. He started at 9am this morning and finished his last triumphant lap at 7pm this evening.

To get to this jubilant point, Billy first walked an exhausting 18 miles from the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead to Durham Castle, before kayaking 6.5miles across Ullswater Lake in the Lake District. Dangerous weather conditions and high winds on the lake meant he had to start the second stage of Billy’s Big Red Nose Challenge a day later than hoped. The setback only made Billy more determined than ever to complete his challenge, with the next stage being yesterday’s 65mile cycle from Birmingham to Blenheim Palace.

After crossing the finish line, Billy Monger said: “The last few laps felt like a lifetime. It was the most exhausting experience of my life. At times I've never had to dig that deep. I never did this for me, it was about raising as much money as possible to change people’s lives. I don’t think this is going to sink in for a very long time. I'm staying in bed all day tomorrow.”

Billy added: “This has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life but without everyone’s support I wouldn’t have got through it. I’ve been to places that I’ve not been physically, mentally, and emotionally in a long time. I’m drained, tired but I’m super proud as it’s been a real journey over the last few days. But I want to say thankyou for all your donations and your support as they’ll make such a difference to people’s lives and that’s what it’s all been about for me. So please keeping donating if you can,”

“This morning, particularly after finishing today’s cycle, I’ve never been that drained in all my life. I’m looking forward to having a sit down and be able to have a read through everyone’s comments on social media. I can’t wait for you guys to see the journey and the documentary that’s going to come out.

After joining Billy today on her bike, BBC Radio 2 presenter, Zoe Ball, said: “I' came to Brand's Hatch today to help kick off the final day of Billy's Big Red Nose Day Challenge. Being back on a bike brought back so many memories of my Sport Relief challenge back in 2018. Thankfully this time around I'm just the cheerleader for a few laps.

“I know Billy has been physically pushed to the limit to make it to the finish line tonight and if he's anything like me he'll have been battling a rollercoaster of emotions along the way. But he can totally do it!

“I've been following along with Billy's challenge over on his Instagram and I'm in complete awe of what he has achieved this week. He really is a superhero. I hope everyone gets behind him and digs deep. He deserves all the support in the world ... and a long lie down!"

The public, along with supporters Anthony Joshua, Chris Ramsey, Dan Walker, Cheryl, Vick Hope, have got behind Billy in the most extraordinary way and shared many messages of encouragement and generous donations.

Fatima Ribeiro, Executive Director Fundraising & Creative, Comic Relief said: “We’re all so proud of Billy and his incredible determination and strength over the course of the last five days. Billy has pushed himself to the absolute limit to raise money for Red Nose Day and we’re so grateful for every mile he’s taken on and every pound the generous public have donated. He truly is an inspiration; so, on behalf of us all we want to extend a huge thank you. We wish Billy a very relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing all the action in the BBC One documentary soon."

People at home will be able to see all the highs and lows of Billy’s challenge in an hour-long special documentary, filmed by a reduced crew that will be adhering to strict Covid-19 guidelines throughout the challenge, on BBC One in March.

Although Billy has finished the challenge, there is still a long way to go to raise money for Red Nose Day and help tackle issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse, and mental health problems, all of which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, in the UK and around the world.

To support Billy, go to comicrelief.com/billy-monger