For 2023, Comic Relief proudly presents the new Red Nose, exclusively designed by Sir Jony Ive.

The magically transforming Red Nose starts as a tiny, flat crescent and springs into a beautiful honeycomb-paper sphere. It proves that the littlest of things can make a huge difference. Because when you buy one, you’re helping people going through the toughest times of their lives.

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Noses for Schools

We're doing things a little differently this year and are excited to be partnering with Amazon to sell our Red Nose. If you would like to order Noses for your school, you can order large quantities via an Amazon Business account. If you haven’t got a business account, it’s free to set up.

Please note, Noses are not suitable for children under 7 years of age due to small parts.

What your money does

How your donations help

The money raised will help people who are facing the toughest times of their lives. Whether they’re impacted by the cost of living crisis, the drought in East Africa, or the recent, heartbreaking earthquake in Syria and Turkey.


A portion of money raised will help to fund organisations in Turkey and Syria providing essential support including blankets, food, water and medical supplies.

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The Red Nose Design

LoveFrom has created a new Red Nose! It’s almost entirely from plant-based materials, paper and love.

This magically transformative Red Nose starts as a tiny, flat crescent that springs into a beautifully engineered honeycomb-paper sphere.

Designing our Red Nose to fold flat meant it would be more effıcient to package, post and carry. This new flexible form also allowed us to use recyclable materials.

Red Nose Gif