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Watch these clips for some inspiration from LEGO® Play agent David on how you can create four different habitats for your Red Nose. If you don't have your own bricks, simply pick up your pencils and paints and let your imagination run wild.

Get creative and design your own Red Nose habitat with free LEGO® Build the Change factsheets and activities to inspire learning through play.

Rainforests with Cam and Dash

Dash is a sloth. Cam is a chameleon. Unlike Dash’s name suggests, they are rather slow-moving animals but that’s because they don’t need to move much. See, they live way up in trees in tropical rainforests of Central and South America.


Flo and her flamingo friends love saltwater and can therefore be found around the world on lagoons and mudflats next to the sea and even inland salt lakes where the salt content is high. Wow!

Savanna with Dot, Sky and Lucky

Sky, Dot & Lucky live in a habitat known as Savanna, large open areas of grassland and scrub, typical in areas of Africa. These three animals live in very different ways but co-exist in this wonderful habitat. Let’s find out more about them and their rich habitat!

Rivers with Rocco and Chip

Rocco and Chip like to hang out together in the rivers of Africa where they mooch around waiting for something exciting to happen. Rivers are super important as they provide water to loads of other habitats.

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