Since it opened in Spring 2022, Kennishead Larder has offered a twice-weekly opportunity for locals to buy affordable food and access vital support.

It’s open to everyone, but in this Glasgow suburb where many families are living on the breadline – particularly older residents and parents – the larder has become a lifeline.

For £9 you’ll get £18-£22 worth of food and essentials – saving on average 40% on your shopping.The larder is a Good Food Scotland food hub, and part of the Feeding Britain network, which is expanding with Comic Relief support.

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There are no limits to how much shopping you can buy, but everyone understands that stocks have to go around the community.

When we visited the larder, we spoke to staff, volunteers, and shoppers about how the cost of living crisis has affected them – and the difference an affordable shop makes.

Pauline is the development manager for Good Food Scotland food hubs.

“People are struggling. It used to just be food – now it’s food and fuel – and I could tell you so many stories about how people are getting fuel bank vouchers and there’s no charge on their phone to access the fuel bank voucher. That’s just one of many stories.”

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“Food and fuel is necessary to live – we all need to eat. Some people see it as a luxury now to keep warm, which just absolutely blows my mind, it’s unbelievable but, the situation people find themselves in now is some people are eating one meal a day. Some people are feeding their children before they feed themselves. And even the cheaper brands in the supermarkets are getting more expensive.”

“What people have done before we were here – I could tell you some stories but I’d get upset. But I’m just so glad we’re here now ’cause that doesn’t seem to happen as much…The really beautiful thing about the larder and any of Good Food Scotland’s projects is: anyone’s welcome, anyone can come in.”

Andrew is the National Director of Feeding Britain. He’s concerned about the added pressures families are facing this winter.

“Before, families were choosing between heating and eating, we’ve now got to the stage where families can afford neither.”

"One disturbing shift we’re seeing is that before, families were choosing between heating and eating, we’ve now got to the stage where families can afford neither. It’s not a choice they’re making."

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"We’re bracing ourselves for our long hard slog. The families we serve are going to be having all sorts of large bills coming through the letter box and with the cost of food going up - they’re going to feel the pinch and need our help more than ever before. And our own [organisational] bills and food costs have already increased, so we’re very worried."

“I am Cathy. I live here in Kennishead, high in the sky [in a flat on the 22nd floor]. I shop at the larder here, everyone is welcome at the larder.”

“Friendship brings me here. If you’ve only got a couple of pounds, it will make a few meals. People who don’t have things: come down. People will help you here. And that’s what it’s all about.”

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“People are embarrassed at first, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’re all in the same boat. It’s a life saver. You couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened in Kennishead.”

“People come here who are worried about how they’re going to feed their kids. And now they can. That’s a godsend.”