International Licensees

From Iceland to South Africa, events based on Red Nose Day and Sport Relief have popped up all over the place.

These are normally done under license, rather than being run by us, meaning we simply deal with TV stations, charities and other parties.


Launched in 2015, Red Nose Day USA has raised $240M in its first six years in America, impacting the lives of over 25 million children.

Red Nose Day, USA, Jack Black and kids smiling in red noses

People from all over the States come together to have fun and raise money at home, school and work for kids who need it most both in the US and in some of the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Funds raised by Red Nose Day in the US have supported programmes in all 50 US states and more than 30 countries internationally that ensure children in need are safe, healthy, educated and empowered.

Red Nose Day USA is run by Comic Relief Inc. which is an independent sister organisation of Comic Relief UK. Comic Relief Inc. and Comic Relief UK are independent organisations related through their shared vision of a just world free from poverty and with the same mission to effect positive change through the power of entertainment.

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Red Nose Day Belgium (Rode Neuzen Dag) has hosted four successful events since 2015 and raised over €16.5million in partnership with national broadcaster DPG Media (formally Medialaan).

Red Nose Day, Belgium, Onstage during Red Nose Day, Belgium

The campaign consists of a live TV telethon broadcast, celebrity challenges, the sale of Red Nose Day merchandise and public fundraising. The money raised through the Rode Neuzen Dag campaign is spent on mental health support projects for children and vulnerable adults in Belgium and also internationally helping the world’s poorest communities.

In 2020, Rode Neuzen Dag partnered with a successful TV format 'Liefde voor Muziek’ (Love for music) to deliver a mental health awareness campaign to ensure young people in Flanders were connected and supported during the Covid pandemic.

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Every year, the Nose Day Foundation organises their Nose Day campaign in Finland (Nenäpäivä). The four week long campaign culminates in a national Nose Day Show by Yle (Finland's national public service broadcasting company).

Nose Day, Finland, Bald muscly guy with a bow in his hair, dummy in his mouth and a red nose on his pointing finger

Nose Day campaign in Finland supports children in developing countries (in Africa, Asia, Middle & South America) through nine charities: Fida International, Finn Church Aid, Finnish Red Cross, International Solidarity Foundation, Plan Finland, Save The Children Finland, The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, The Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland and UNICEF Finland. Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) supports the campaign with its programmes.

Since the first Nose Day Finland (in 2007) Nose Day Foundation has raised more than €30 million to help children in the poorest communities in the world. During Nose Day everyone can take part by doing something funny for money. Nose Day is about having fun and changing lives.

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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has helped to take Sport Relief around the world by organising international Sport Relief Mile events.

3 cheering runners at the Sport Relief fun-run in Cape Town

There were 36 international Mile events in 2012, with India, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Ecuador amongst the countries that took part. Now that’s one massive Mile!