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We work with a whole range of companies and are always on the lookout for new partners to join up with, whether it’s helping us to run our campaigns or fund important, life-changing projects.

Get in touch to find out more about what we may be able to do together in the future.

Technology partners

Technology partners

NCC Group

As with any organisation that handles sensitive information, we want to make sure we have the very best security in place. NCC Group makes sure that our systems are as safe and secure as it’s possible to be. They’re the absolute best at what they do, and we’re extremely proud to have them on board, doing it for us.


We receive more and more online PayPal donations every year and this is only possible thanks to the superb support their team gives us, especially on the Red Nose Day and Sport Relief Nights of TV. They allow our supporters to donate quickly, easily and - most importantly - securely, without sharing their financial information. Top stuff.


AWS takes our technology platforms to the heady heights of the cloud both on Red Nose Day's live Night of TV and day-to-day. This means we have a solution to fit, as and when we need it. Thanks AWS you are stratospheric.

Acast logo


The lovely people at Acast help us out in the world of podcast advertising. All year round they enable us to reach a staggering number of people across their thousands of podcasts, and they do this all for free. They’re our newest Technology Partner and they’re brilliant, thanks Acast.

Choosing our partners

Choosing our partners

Red Nose Day and Sport Relief simply couldn’t happen without the amazing support and contribution that we receive from our partners. They help us run call centres, produce and sell merchandise, manage our telephone systems and so much more.

We take the decision on which companies, organisations and bodies we partner with very seriously, and have a robust process to help us decide.

Comic Relief also requires its partners to ensure that all merchandise manufactured for Red Nose Day or Sport Relief fundraising purposes outside of the EU is produced in factories that comply with the Ethical Trading Initiative standard or equivalent. The Ethical Trading Initiative(opens in new window) is recognised as a leading international standard amongst global retailers and major charities and trade unions.


We’re always on the lookout for innovative ideas and products that can raise money for Comic Relief all year round.

If you have a brand, character or other asset that you think we might be able to use, we’d love to hear from you(opens in new window). Here are just a few of the great products and brands that raise money, either for life-changing projects or to help Comic Relief to run itself.



Comic Relief is the proud owner of Monkey. We not only license him to be the face of PG tips, but he also has his own merchandise range. If you want to make or sell Monkey products, just contact our friends at Bulldog Licensing(opens in new window).

Harry Potter book covers


Comic Relief holds the rights to print and publish the Harry Potter Companion Book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We license it to publishers in the UK and internationally. To find out more contact us(opens in new window).

sport relief south africa


From Iceland to South Africa, events based on Red Nose Day and Sport Relief have popped up all over the place. These are normally done under license, rather than being run by us, meaning we simply deal with TV stations, charities and other parties.