Tech for good

Comic Relief understands the importance of digital technology and its potential to address some of our biggest social challenges. That’s why in 2018 we are now in our third round of the Tech for Good funding initiative, in partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

To learn more about our work with Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support the best use of Tech for Good in the UK, see the projects we have previously funded, and view our applications analysis, please visit our website

For the 2017-18 Tech for Good funding initiative, we invited applicants to submit a four-minute video detailing their tech proposal along with a budget outline. We received 119 applications, created a longlist of 50, and assessed the top 22, of which 13 will receive funding. You can find the list of successful applicants at

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We also encourage the use and development of technology across the whole range of issues we support. To find out about how we are looking to inspire innovation in the design and delivery of services for people affected by domestic abuse, both online and offline, read about our Tech vs Abuse programme. 


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