Leading the way in Social Tech Funding

Comic Relief is a sector leader in funding Social Tech in the UK. We offer some of the only grant funding opportunities for social tech projects to support them in their digital journey.

We are committed to building the social tech ecosystem, which means both helping other funders become confident in funding tech projects, and helping social organisations become confident in approaching digital projects and ways of working.

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Our role has included all stages of funding, from designing the programmes, making and managing grants, evaluating initiatives, and sharing lessons with the sector.

We encourage the use and development of technology across each of the 4 themes we work in and are open to funding work that uses technology as a tool for social change across all our funding calls, as well as in our social tech-specific funding streams.

We aim to support work that is developed with user needs at the heart, working alongside them to better understand the problem and design the solution that will meet their needs.

If you’re looking for the longlist of the top 40 applicants to the latest 2018 - 2019 round of Tech for Good, and their proposal videos, you can download them here(opens in new window).

Recent Funding Programmes

Here are our social tech-specific funding programmes.

Tech For Good Boxes

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A partnership programme with Paul Hamlyn Foundation Tech for Good has run since 2016, funding organisations to make digital transformation by offering better services to their beneficiaries using technology.

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A programme that was developed through research with sector-leading organisations, to find out what role digital technologies can play in helping to support people affected by abuse in the UK. Currently funded in partnership with Esmess Fairbairn Foundation and Clothworkers Foundation.

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In partnership with MAC AIDS Fund, supporting organisations using technology in innovative ways to respond to the UK’s changing HIV landscape. The funding contributes to the development of podcasts, films, and information sharing to reduce the stigma around HIV and increase access to services.

Donate Now

Donate now and help people living incredibly tough lives both in the UK and across the world. This includes supporting people fleeing the war in Ukraine and other ongoing conflicts.

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What else do we support?


Sport for change

Comic Relief has funded Sport for Change activities since 2002 because physical activity has the power to make positive social change for individuals and communities.

What are our main focus areas?

Genuine impact requires focus so we target four key issues categories in set geographic locations. They are:

What are our main focus areas - FUNDING STRATEGY


Every year, close to 1 billion people worldwide experience mental health problems. We help people get access to mental health services. We work to tackle the stigma people with mental health conditions so often face. And we push for governments to do more.


Every year, millions of children die before their fifth birthday. We help children survive – tackling hunger, disease and abuse. And we help them thrive, working to give them the best possible start in life so they can play, learn and grow up healthy and strong.


Violence and abuse against women and girls is a global epidemic: it affects 1 in 3 women worldwide. We’re working towards a world where women and girls can fulfil their potential, and live free from violence, discrimination and fear.


1 in 5 people around the world don’t have a safe place to be. We make sure people find a safe place to call home. We also challenge negative attitudes to homelessness and migration.

How can we help your cause?

We fund organisations when we think we'll achieve the maximum possible impact together. We rigorously screen them to make sure the money is well spent.

How can we help your cause?

Eligibility Criteria

Funding Opportunities