Almost half of the world’s population (47%) live on less than $6.85 a day (source: World Bank(opens in new window)), experiencing higher rates of undernourishment and poor health, and lower access to basic services including education (source: Our World in Data(opens in new window)). In the UK, 1 in 5 people were living in poverty in 2020/21, of which almost 30% were children (source : JRF(opens in new window)). This programme seeks to address these issues by working with communities to both reduce the impact of poverty on their daily lives, and reduce the stigma associated with living in poverty.

Our role

Comic Relief is uniquely positioned to enable people experiencing poverty to gain access to resources and meaningful support through our funding, public engagement and convening work. We focus on communities disproportionately impacted by poverty, providing flexible and long term funding so that our funded partners can define and respond to the emerging needs of their constituent communities.

We're working with some amazing funded partners within this programme and are getting more information ready to share about their incredible work. Please check back soon.