Traditional clinical and social support services can struggle to get engagement from certain groups on the basis of gender, ethnicity or age. Sport for Change addresses this by creating a more accessible and informal setting, bringing people together across culture, language, gender and social class. From yoga to boxing, skate-boarding to martial arts, sport’s popularity and universality create inclusive, safe spaces for people to build friendships and connections, engage in important conversations and access specialist support that’s been intentionally designed to respond to their needs.

Sport is in a unique position to offer ways for people of all abilities to reinforce key life-skills, such as decision-making, leadership, team-work and how to manage stress, as well as helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

Our Role

Our expertise in Sport for Change is respected and valued, built through investing £80 million into the sector across the UK and internationally since 2002. We combine this experience with subject expertise on the issues our funded partners are working on, from global mental health to gender justice. We showcase our work externally (where appropriate), convene, collaborate and influence to attract more investment into the sector, and support efforts to ensure policy makers see the value of investing in Sport for Change.

We're working with some amazing funded partners within this programme and are getting more information ready to share about their incredible work. Please check back soon.