14th March 2022

More than 300 pupils and staff will bring laughter and noise to Slough as Arbour Vale School gears up for a colourful day of fundraising activity for Red Nose Day, which returns on Friday 18 March from 7pm on BBC One.

Arbour Vale, a school working with children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, autism, and profound and multiple difficulties, will be running a series of events and fundraisers which are accessible to all pupils hoping to make a difference.

Dancing, singing, and running are all part-and-parcel of the school’s Red Nose Day plans. For budding fundraisers in the early years and primary classes, a dance-a-thon will see pupils boast their best ‘nose wiggles’ in aid of Comic Relief. Meanwhile, students in the profound and multiple learning disability department will be taking part in a ‘noise-a-thon’ using their loudest singing voices and booming shouts to raise the roof for a good cause.

Secondary and post-16 pupils will also complete a marathon around the school grounds in a tag-team relay. Neil Sykes, Arbour Vale’s Principal says the challenge will show students that “if we all club together, we can get through anything.”

He said: “Arbour Vale is so excited to be getting the whole school community involved in Red Nose Day this year. We all need a reason to smile as we come out of Covid lockdowns, and it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have fun and fundraise for a great cause at the same time.

“Whether it is a boogie-bash, finding the next Paula Radcliffe or becoming a musical superstar everyone is joining our Comic Relief festivities this year. By coming together our special school community will show our children and their families, that standing together can help support others experiencing difficulties within their lives. The money we hope to raise from Red Nose Day will go towards the very important work that Comic Relief does for all those in need.”

Students will also be researching their best one-liners before Friday, as all at Arbour Vale are encouraged to take part in an all-day ‘joke-a-thon’. Arbour Vale’s Principle hopes the latter will keep the corridors full of smiles on Friday, with a ‘joke-a-thon’ open to all. Meanwhile, baked goods are on the menu thanks to the post-16 department’s cake sale.

Arbour Vale students will also play a part in keeping the activities running, with young sports ambassadors taking on roles and responsibilities by supporting the PE department in running the Marathon. In fact, each class has already played a part in promoting the day, with students working hard to create the biggest and most creative red noses to display in the school foyer during the festivities.

Money raised by Red Nose Day will help people in the UK and around the world live free from poverty, violence and discrimination, and support people with their mental health. Donations will also help to fund organisations providing essential support for people in Ukraine affected by the terrifying conflict and those attempting to cross the border to safety.

Samir Patel, Chief Executive of Comic Relief, says: “What’s so special about Red Nose Day is that it brings people from all over the UK together to make a big difference. We are so thankful for the incredible support from our fundraisers because whatever you do, big or small, helps people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

“This includes funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine, and on the borders. So whether you buy a Red Nose, bake cakes, smash a challenge or simply pick up the phone to donate, you have the power to change lives across the world and in the UK.”