16th March 2018

  • A triumphant Greg James has successfully completed his BBC Radio 1**’**s Gregathlon: Pedal to the Peaks for Sport Relief

  • The ‘**Beast from the East**’ arctic blast halted the challenge but the committed DJ returned to complete the final push

Today an ecstatic but exhausted Greg James took his final steps after conquering Ben Nevis to complete his epic challenge, Gregathlon: Pedal to the Peaks for Sport Relief. The BBC Radio 1 DJ’s challenge was halted for safety reasons two weeks ago but the defiant DJ pledged to come back and finish what he started.

Greg battled the most extreme and brutal weather conditions seen in the UK for years, as the ‘Beast from the East’ swept the nation halting the original challenge. Since setting off again on Wednesday, Greg has cycled a remarkable 150 miles and scaled the 1345 meters to the top of Ben Nevis, with wind chill temperatures plummeting to a freezing –20c and gusting 80mph winds at the summit.

Speaking to Radio 1 live from the foot of Ben Nevis, the elated Greg said: “I can’t believe no one has got me a chair yet…

“It has just been the most atrocious day – it has been absolutely horrible. On the way up I genuinely thought that I was going to tumble to my death, it was like a disaster film. I just thought I shouldn’t be in this, I don’t know how to do this but I was surrounded by amazing people.”

“It is amazing to see everyone down here. It’s so remote at the bottom of Ben Nevis but there are so many great people here, kids with signs saying ‘Go Greg, Go!’ and people literally thrusting money at me for Sport Relief.

“I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my entire life but we’ve done it!”

Crossing the finish line with his arms in the air, Greg was met with a thunderous reception from local school kids, after powering his way down the mountain. Upon entering the makeshift Radio 1 studio Greg was met with a special message from Sir Elton John, which said: ““Having been oblivious to your heroic deeds. I was so impressed and inspired by what you’ve done so far. You are an epic man, to attempt this let alone pull it off. I applaud and salute your whole team.”

Battling troublesome terrain, chafe-filled hours on the saddle and extreme weather that halted the nation, the DJ has scaled three of the UK’s highest peaks and cycled the epic distance between them, raising an unbelievable £1,019,657 so far, thanks to the ever-generous great British public. The money is continuing to roll in, and his final total will be revealed on the Sport Relief night of television, on Friday 23rd March.

Greg’s epic challenge is raising money for Sport Relief, to help vulnerable people across the UK and the world, to live happier, healthier and safer lives. Throughout Greg’s challenge, BBC Radio 1 have also been taking a special look at projects which use Sport Relief cash to help support young people living with mental health issues here in the UK.

You can still show your support for Greg by sponsoring him at SportRelief.com/SponsorGreg(opens in new window).

For the first time ever Sport Relief is asking the entire nation to take on a huge collective challenge – beating a billion steps a day, every day, starting this Saturday 17th until Friday 23rd March. You will even be able to take on Greg’s climb yourself, using the Sport Relief App to scale the equivalent steps up Ben Nevis. For more information on how to get involved with this year’s Sport Relief campaign, download the Sport Relief App or go to sportrelief.com.



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