Red Nose Day launches free, virtual challenge to bring family fun this half-term

15th February 2021

  • Red Nose Day livens up lockdown this half-term with the launch of a free, family-friendly virtual challenge; Unleash the Laughter

  • Families across the country can get set to take on a series of missions while travelling the world from the comfort of their home

  • There are five fun filled levels to complete that will entertain the kids and get the whole family laughing together

  • Any donations made will help people struggling now more than ever in the UK and around the world

  • Click here to play the challenge

Red Nose Day is calling on fearless families across the country to take on a series of mysterious missions this half-term, in a newly launched free virtual challenge; Unleash the Laughter.

Evil supervillain, Doomy McGloomy, has stolen the nation’s laughter and will stop at nothing to prevent families from getting it back. Through a series of quests, each of the five interactive levels will unlock a clue to help unleash the laughter and defeat Doomy McGloomy.

Families will be taken on an international man hunt and must work together as they travel the world, facing the blistering cold of Antarctica and the unbearable heat in Australia, all from the comfort of their home. They’ll unearth hieroglyphics and solve ancient riddles as they face challenges like ‘the floor is lava’ and singing as badly as they can to shatter a jar full of laughter. Each level is packed with fun activities to help liven up half-term in lockdown and entertain adults and children alike.

Families can also dress the part while taking on the silly but very serious mission, with this year’s official Red Nose Day merchandise. Style it out in one of the new and improved 100% plastic free and plant-based Noses available in Sainsbury’s stores (or online at in new window) and in new window)), and match as a team of Red Nose Day agents solving the quest in a t-shirt featuring your favourite Pixar character, available in both adult and kid sizes from in new window).

While the challenge is free to play and enjoy, if families are able to make a donation to Red Nose Day, money raised will help people struggling now more than ever, in the UK and around the world.

Richard Curtis, Co-founder of Comic Relief, said: “As lockdown continues to keep us apart, we know this half-term will look a little different for many families. We hope that through launching this series of fun interactive challenges to be played at home, families will be able to connect with each other and add an element of excitement to half-term activities. Whether its singing, dancing or solving riddles, there is something for the whole family to get involved in, and if you are able to make any donations along the way they will help support those who are struggling more than ever."

While Red Nose Day is a little different this year, the power of laughter can still help raise smiles and money for those who are struggling more than ever. So put on your biggest smile, your reddest nose, donate what you can and have fun in your mission to unleash the nation’s laughter.

Red Nose Day donations will help tackle important issues including homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse, and mental health problems, all of which have been exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic. Money raised will support some of the most vulnerable people and communities in society who have been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, including those now reliant on food banks, and provide vital funding to under resourced front-line charities as they adapt and navigate through these difficult uncertain times.

For more information and to play the challenge, visit -Ends-