Tom Daley completes first leg of gruelling four-day Red Nose Day Challenge!

14th February 2022

Tom Daley challenge Day 1 PM

After facing high winds, waves and capsizing during his six-mile row on the River Thames this morning, Tom Daley OBE has now completed an exhausting 60-mile cycle to Reading.

  • Olympic champion Tom Daley has completed the first day of his Red Nose Day challenge, Tom Daley’s Hell of a Homecoming

  • He faced freezing temperatures rowing, and capsizing, on the River Thames before cycling 60 miles from the Tower of London, to Reading

  • He battled blustery conditions and the onslaught of fatigue to keep pushing through the final miles

  • Legendary Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave met Tom at the finish line

  • All the action is being filmed for a primetime documentary to air on BBC One and iPlayer, in March

  • Tomorrow Tom faces a freezing cold open water swim then a 63 mile cycle to Southampton

  • Red Nose Day returns on Friday 18th March

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Monday 14th February: After facing freezing temperatures and high winds on the River Thames this morning, a quick kit change saw Tom Daley jump on his bike and set off on a 60mile cycle from the Tower of London to Reading to complete the first exhausting leg of his Red Nose Day challenge this evening.

Not long after capsizing into the freezing cold waters of the River Thames, after struggling to navigate the tight spaces of London’s narrow canals from the Aquatics Centre, Stratford, Tom set off from the iconic Tower Pier in London to a lively send-off. Crowds of supporters had gathered to wish him well for the next stage in his epic journey.

The 60-mile cycle to the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake, Reading, pushed Tom to dig deep and not lose concentration, as he battled strong winds to make sure he didn’t come off his bike.

Mark Buckingham, British Triathlon Performance Coach commented: “It’s been demanding for Tom on day one. The wind has been the biggest factor today. It’s been relentless on the cycle with Tom riding into a head-wind for the majority of the distance and crosswinds trying to catch Tom off guard. Both the rowing and cycling have taken a huge toll on his body. He’s handling the conditions well, but it is really tough."

Tom said: “I’ve done it. Day one is complete. Davina said enjoy it today because the weather doesn’t look good for the rest of the week, but it’s been a wet one today. I’ve also heard there could be 40mph winds tomorrow or the next day and we’ve had weather warnings, so tomorrow is going to be cold."

On open water swimming tomorrow morning, Tom said: “The one thing that I get to do when I’ve trained indoor swimming pools is doing laps in a pool, so just doing one side to the other and you can break it up. But when it’s from one side of a rowing late to the other, it’s just one straight shot. So, it’s going to be difficult."

Tom added: “The turnout of people coming out to say hello and show their support is really special, it’s quite surreal. It’s really keeping me going when I need it most."

Olympic legend, Sir Steve Redgrave, greeted Tom as he crossed the finish line.

Sir Steve Redgrave said: “In his darkest moments, Tom just has to visualise one more turn of the pedal and build from there. He will be thinking about all the good work that the money which will be raised from his hard efforts over the next few days, will be doing for people."

The next four days are set to test Tom’s fitness and drive like never before, and all of the highs and lows will be captured at every moment along the way for a special one-hour BBC One and iPlayer documentary, produced by Twofour, to air in March, ahead of Red Nose Day which returns on Friday 18th March.

The money raised by Tom Daley will help support vital life changing work, tackling issues including homelessness, domestic abuse, poverty and mental health problems in the UK and around the world.

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