Red Nose Day 1980s

RND 1988 blackadder


Over 20 million people across the UK took part in 70,000 activities for Red Nose Day 1989 raising £26.9 million.

On TV we saw the premiere of Night of the Comic Dead - a terrifying tale of ordinary folk haunted by a disgusting array of Comic Ghouls from French and Saunders to Frank Carson.

Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke reached nujmber 3 in the UK charts with their single 'Lananeenoonoo' (with a little help from Bananarama).

Presenters of Red Nose Day 1989

1988 - The first Red Nose Day

The very first Red Nose Day was in 1988 and raised a huge £15 million!

Over 30 million people tune in to watch 'Blackadder - the Cavalier Years' and the Young Ones on 'University Challenge'. Mel Smith and Kim Wilde

Other decades

Other decades