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Last Red Nose Day, schools and nurseries helped raise over £5 million to help vulnerable people in the UK and the world’s poorest communities. Join in on 15 March 2019 and help us bake, dance, splat and sing our way to an even bigger total.

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Stuffed with ideas, tips, teaching resources, balloons and stickers, our school and nursery packs make planning for the big day a doddle. So, whether you’re up for something simple and silly or big and bonkers, order yours now. 

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Pick your noses

Selling Red Noses in your school is an easy way to kickstart your fundraising. And with our exclusive school deposit scheme you can pay a little now then settle up later.

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Gladys learning with her new tablet

“I love to come to school, I want to be wise”

In 2015 schools and nurseries took on a very important mission set by Comic Relief and UK aid to raise enough money to get 300,000 kids into school and learning in Sub-Saharan Africa. Three years on and that money is making a huge difference to the lives of many children, including  8-year-old Gladys who lives in a remote village in Malawi. With a class of 102 pupils Gladys had found it difficult to cope. She would struggle to hear her teachers instructions and was almost failing in her exams. However since the school began using solar powered tablets teaching maths and her local language Chichewa, Gladys has rediscovered her love of learning and is excelling.