Covid-19 funding update 

Comic Relief is supporting the organisations that it funds, both in the UK and around the world, as they adapt and respond to the massive challenges around Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Whether this is through adapting their activities, reviewing their timeframes, or rebudgeting remaining funds, we are helping all our funded partners as they respond to new needs and vulnerabilities. 

Some of the money raised through Sport Relief 2020 and The Big Night In will go to organisations on the frontline of the response to the Coronavirus, who are able to reach some of the most vulnerable people who are worst affected. 

Due to the continued uncertainty of Covid-19 we are extending our offer of flexibility beyond the end of June 2020. If you are one of Comic Relief’s funded partners, you will have received an email on 29th June outlining the support available and next steps, which replaces the FAQs previously found on this page. Please do read and respond to this email and get in touch with your Comic Relief contact to talk through how this is affecting your work and your teams. 

We continue to be humbled by the extraordinary work of our funded partners and aim to be as flexible and supportive as possible during these difficult times. 

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Building on our promise to stand by the sector, we commit to being a more open and trusting funder by distributing investments in a way that reflects the realities facing our funded partners, and managing our relationships in a way that reflects our confidence in, and respect for, the organisations we fund.

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